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Beam-delivery optics

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Dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of high precision optics and system. The company is established in HK with facilities located in ... more>>
Manufactures optics coatings and mirrors used in industrial and research applications. Products include excimer and UV laser optics, beam-turning mirr... more>>
Manufactures precision and custom optical components for aerospace, medical instrumentation, academics and research, and industrial applications. Prod... more>>

Archer OpTx, Rockwall, TX

Archer OpTx provides comprehensive solutions to maximize your potential with ultra-high optical precision. Offers engineering design services, optical... more>>

ASTiGMAT, Citrus Heights, CA

Designs OEM zoom-type laser optics with adjustable-shape/size spots at fixed/variable working distances including VariSpot(TM) and VariFoc(TM). Provid... more>>
Distributes optical products manufactured by in Asia, including spherical lenses, ball lens, rod lens, aspheric lens, CCD/CCTV lens and lens assemblie... more>>

BMI Surplus Inc, Hanover , MA

Supplier resource center of scientific equipment to premier colleges and universities, research facilities, individuals and manufacturing businesses w... more>>

CODIXX AG, Bedford, NH

Produces dichroic glass polarizers for the UV (340 - 420 nm), and VIS, VIS-IR, IR and MIR range (1,000 - 5,000 nm), well known under the brand name co... more>>
Docter Optics is an ISO certified and ITAR registered global OEM supplier of molded optical components with complex surface geometries. Docter Optics ... more>>
Offers laser process development, services and machines for laser material treatment of metals from one hand. Has a long time experience in process de... more>>


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