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Cooling equipment

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BV Thermal Systems, Willoughby, OH

Produces standard temperature chillers(5 – 35°C), low temperature chillers (-40 – +30°C) and extended temperature (-40 – +160°C) chillers as well as f... more>>
Produces OEM process cooling equipment for industrial laser applications. Liquid cooling capacity 1 to 60 tons air-cooled, water-cooled, split-version... more>>

Mokon, Buffalo, NY

Manufactures high-quality circulating water and heat-transfer oil temperature-control systems, portable and central chillers, pump tanks, blown film c... more>>

PolyScience, Niles, IL

Manufactures chillers, recirculating coolers, and other temperature-control equipment for cooling lasers and other industrial and medical equipment.

Spirec NA Inc, Paterson, NJ

Designs and manufactures 316L stainless-steel all welded compact cylindrical plate heat exchangers. Liquid flows to 50 gpm, vapor to 400 lb/h, and low... more>>
Manufactures industrial cooling equipment for precise temperature control of any laser. Products include single- and dual-zone chillers. Provides engi... more>>

Thermal Exchange Ltd, Leicester, United Kingdom

We offer temperature control and cooling for a wide range of laser applications. From 300W-300kW using active refrigeration and other technologies, we... more>>

Thermonics Corp, Mansfield, MA

Thermonics provides standard and custom fluid and gas portable chillers for low temperature cooling. Water-cooled and air-cooled chiller systems offer... more>>
Simplifies advanced qcl, diode laser and thermal control for high tech OEMs and researchers. Ultrastable, high precision diode laser drivers and tempe... more>>


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