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Manufactures fiber lasers of Green, 1 micron and 2 micron wavelengths, nanosecond to picosecond pulse widths, 50W average power, for glass drilling, t... more>>
Manufactures Laser Systems for marking, engraving, scribing and cutting applications. Principal markets include aerospace, automotive, electronics, me... more>>
Manufactures and supplies high-power and high-brightness fiber-coupled diode laser modules, collimated diode laser energy sources, fiber-coupled diode... more>>
Barcode Scanner Accessories Manufacturer is a leader among barcode scanner repair parts accessories for replacement suppliers. Our company concentrate... more>>

DPSS Lasers Inc, Santa Clara, CA

Offers low-cost "Quasi-CW" DPSS UV lasers, 0.1 to 5W, 355 nm with high peak powers, and UV marking systems. Applications include micromachining, marki... more>>

ExactBuilt, Underhill, VT

Contract manufacturer offering custom marking of metals and platings plus cutting and engraving of non-metals. Provides consulting, design, R&D, proto... more>>
Offers a full range of laser marking+engraving solutions from OEM systems ready to integrate into production lines through to workstations for stand-a... more>>

HC Photonics Corp, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

HCP specializes in optical wavelength converters- Periodically Poled nonlinear Crystals and modules including PPMgO:CLN/PPMgO:CLT Bulk, Waveguide and ... more>>

Hylax Technology Pte Ltd, Singapore, Singapore

We are a manufacturer of industrial laser equipment since 1991. We have a well equipped laboratory with highly trained staff. We have build machines f... more>>

II-VI Infrared, Saxonburg, PA

II-VI Infrared is the world leader in laser optics, delivering an unbeatable combination of innovation, quality, and expertise.


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