Buyer's Guide - Industrial Laser Solutions
(div of GSI Group Inc)
Lasers / Optics Div
4600 Campus Pl
Mukilteo, WA 98275
United States

Year Founded: 1984
No. of Employees: 200
Key Personnel: Mktg: Tracey Johnson
Phone: 425-349-3500
Fax: 425-349-3667



Synrad—the leading manufacturer of pulse and CW CO2 lasers in the 10W – 400W range. Their patented, all-metal tube, RF-excited lasers are recognized for their quality, versatility, performance and reliability.

Synrad Products

Pulstar p400 Pulsed CO2 Laser

With pulsed peak power of > 1.0 kW (typical) the p400 addresses customer needs f... View Product

Pulstar p250 Pulsed CO2 Laser

The p250's 800W peak pulse and 250W average power combined with it's longer tube... View Product

Pulstar p150 Pulsed CO2 Laser

600W of peak pulse power (typical) and over 150W of average power; fast rise ris... View Product

Pulstar p100

The p100 is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, including high sp... View Product

Firestar ti100p Pulsed CO2 Laser

The acclaimed ti-series goes pulse with the introduction of the ti100p. Featuri... View Product

Flyer 3D Marking/Scan Head

Think BIG with the Flyer 3D CO2 laser marking system. Featuring a third servo-dr... View Product

Firestar ti100 HS High Stability CO2 Laser

All the performance features of the ti-series for high-speed processing of preci... View Product

Firestar ti100 fan-cooled CO2 laser

This fan-cooled version of the ti-series delivers 100+W of average power in a co... View Product

Firestar f201

The f201 features internal beam conditioning that delivers near-perfect output i... View Product

48-Series Lasers

Synrad's 48-series lasers are ideal for incorporation into marking, engraving, a... View Product
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